How To Use Haters & Unsupportive People To Fuel Your Business

There are always going to be negative people who don’t like what you do or what you say. Always. It’s just part of life.

Maybe it’s because of misinformation you’ve provided, or maybe it’s because the “haters” don’t understand what it is you’re doing. They may misunderstand the information you give or maybe they are just outright jerks.

The thing to remember is to Not take it Personally. Keep in mind that their negative comments or actions could be because YOU gave wrong information or unknowingly misrepresented something. If the negativity is because of You, take steps to correct the mistake and then apologize for the mistake and move on.

Some people are never satisfied with apologies, so if that turns out to be the case, ignore them. If they persist, block them.

Unsupportive people abound. They can be family, friends, neighbours or strangers on the internet. What can you LEARN from them?

Well, as I mentioned above, people often have misconceptions about what you are doing or communicating.

In the case of unsuportive friends, family, peers, etc., it’s usually because they just have a lack of knowledge as to what it is you’re doing. They generally are not expressing their doubts about YOUR endeavors, it’s more about their own fears and apprehensions, which usually stem from old misconceptions about doing business on the internet in Spite of the fact that practically all businesses have an online presence..

Be patient, kind and understanding. If they want to hear about your business describe it or show it to them.

If they don’t want to hear about your business, then assure them you know what you’re doing and they don’t have to worry.

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Toodles for now. ~Callie

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