He Got SKILLS! High Income Skills… What are they?

What differentiates the High Income earners in the online marketing world, from those who make little or no income from their online ventures?

We all have 24 hours in a day, so then we need to look at what we do with those hourse.

Basically it all boils down to the ACTIVITIES we do when working on our business. What Activities are you doing or not doing that needs changed or improved?

There are THREE Skills you need to master if you want to earn a High Income.

#1. Lead Generation. If you’re in business you need potential customers (Leads) which convert into customers, which is how your earn income.

#2. Sales. If the leads show up and you don’t tell them about your product / service, OR you say the wrong things, you’re going to miss out on sales. Remember, Sales is how you earn income.

#3. Copy-writing. Communication is key. Learning how to communicate your message is vital to getting your information across in a manner that is clear, concise, understandable and relatable. Communicating your message is what generates >> #1 Leads!!

Re-framing a question or changing words can transform how you perceive the message, which in turn is vital to making those sales.

There is nothing new under the sun in Sales. The skills we develop come from those who have mastered those skills themselves and passed them on to those who desire to learn. We just have to practice and APPLY what we learn in our own businesses and personal situations.

So Everything I’ve shared with you here today, I’ve had the pleasure of learning from Dave Sharpe of Legendary Marketer.

I’ll include a link below in the description box so you can go check Dave and Legendary Marketer out.

Dave, through his company, Legendary Marketer has helped scores of individuals in the online marketing world, learn the skills and knowledge to help them grow a successful online business.

Whether you’re looking for an online business model or just getting started in the online marketing world, Legendary Marketer can teach you everything you need, from Lead Generation, to Sales to Copywriting, so that you’ll gain those High Income skills you need, with no pieces of the puzzle missing. You can apply these skills as you’re learning them and just keep fine tuning them and getting better and better.

To Get More Information, Go HERE.

Toodles for Now! ~Callie

Key To Success in Life = Patience!

How Long Does It Take For A Tree To Grow This Big? 3 – 4 Months, Years, Decades? (Pixler photo xnvle0u9im8)

There’s an old saying in the Christian church that if you pray for patience you’ll get tribulation! It’s a strange paradox that tribulation produces patience.

Going through trials generally tends to make us appreciate the easy times more and that inward reflection generally causes us to become more thankful and also more patient, not only with others, but with ourselves.

So Here’s some steps to becoming more Patient:

1. Set BIG goals!

It’s self-evident that if you don’t have a goal to work towards, you won’t work towards a goal. You must Work diligently towards achieving your goals before great things are accomplished.

2. Follow through.

When you take some steps towards your goal, realize that the follow through is where the rewards are realized. Taking action, although kind of terrifying, is what you need to to do or else you’re just blowing smoke.

3. Get accountable to someone.

Enlist the help of someone who knows what you’re doing and tell them what your goals are. Ask them to hold you accountable. Ask them to badger you into action if you slack off. Be prepared to do what it takes to finish your mission!

Ploughing through until you reach your goal is what develops grit AND… Patience. It’s not some inherent genetic trait people have. Patience is always developed. It comes out of many trials in a persons life!

It can take years of patience before you start to reap big results from all the time and hard work you’ve put in, and it can be frustrating. The solution? Learn how to be more patient than everybody else and revel in the hard work, no matter what anyone else tells you to do. That’s the only way to reach your personal success. You’ve heard the phrase “Last Man Standing”? In this case, Patience is what will make you the Last Man Standing and eventually, the winner.

There’s No Clear Cut Path, No Easy Way to Success

Pixler photo e06ipweiylk

I know that telling you to be patient doesn’t seem helpful because you want it all to start happening right away. WHO DOESN’T?

Even if you could know at what date your success would happen, you probably still wonder why it couldn’t happen sooner? You’re probably tempted to go off on tangents looking for a quicker way to jump the Queue.


Get this settled in your soul. It all takes time. But time is our greatest asset. We have lots of it, even though we squander a lot of it.

The question becomes how to best use the time we have to fuel our progress, rather than hinder it.

4. How to use your time?

  • Break your tasks down into bite sized tasks.
  • Put them in order of priority and then work at accomplishing them one by one.
  • Fit the tasks together at the end.

A few tasks spaced out over a time period are better than trying to do everything all at once. You can build it into something bigger as you go. Trying to do everything all at once is a recipe for failure… you’ll burn yourself out and quit, guaranteed.

5. Make your expectations match your reality.

Unrealistic expectations will eventually become too much to handle and result in you not wanting to do anything. It also results in your self-confidence spiraling downward. Don’t do this to yourself.

Go back and read step 4’s first bullet… Break your tasks into smaller, manageable sizes and then do the work to accomplish that task. Each time you complete a piece of your goal, your self-confidence will soar and you will get better and better.

Remember: Every little step repeated over and over is what makes you competent at a task until it becomes second nature.

6. Concentrate. Have a Quiet Workspace.

Find a place where you can work and concentrate on what you are doing. Set aside your timeslot and go to that place, close the door and WORK.

Be Patient with yourself and just go for it. Do it. Don’t worry if it’s not perfect… Just do it. Be intentionally Imperfect if you have to. Just stop procrastinating and hesitating. Just know that great things take a long time to build.

So Give Yourself that Gift of Taking The Time You Need.

You WILL get better each time you do something. If you’re not patient and don’t give yourself fully to the work, you’re probably not going to get very successful. Quitters don’t win.

If you have to, force yourself to keep going no matter what. Just Keep Working.

Persistent plodding forward has more virtue than you’d think. It’s what creates patience with the process.. and it helps you to accept the results as they come.

If you’re not doing the necessary work to keep yourself going every day, you’re dooming yourself to fail. But that brings me to my final point, which is…


Never give up or you’ll never reach your dreams at all.

Ignore the naysayers. They’re committed to job slavery. They don’t count in your dreams.

No matter how long it takes you, there is only, as Yoda in Star Wars wisely said, “Do or Do Not, there is No Try” When you’re working towards your dreams nothing else really matters!!

When you consistently do the work over time, magic will start to appear in your life.

If you have the patience and the awareness to see it, that alone will be enough to keep you going for the rest of your life to come.

That’s all the tips I have for you today. Toodles! ~Callie

Is It Time To Quit Your Job and Build Your Business Full-Time?

You’ve Started Your Online Business, You’ve got Your Systems in Place, You’ve received a few leads and you’re consistently creating content and promoting your affiliate opportunity. So When Can You Quit Your Job and work at your Business Full Time?

Common Sense would tell you NOT to Quit Your Job until the Income from your business is AT LEAST as much as your income from your job.

Even if you’re exceeding your employment income, if your online business is set up systematically, you can probably manage both until you have a nice nest egg tucked away.

However, having said that, IF you can support yourself (without ending up on the streets as a homeless person) you certainly can tackle this online business building full time. You just have to use good judgement as to how long it will realistically take you to build the business to where it’s bringing in a full time income.

Now, speaking of which, let’s address what is a realistic timeline for actually earning an income online.

I’m going to get out a big needle and pop the unrealistic bubbles right now. If you have No experience with building and marketing an online business, be aware that it takes time to build your business systems and put them in place.

You will probably not make a sale in the first week, the first month and maybe it will actually take you up to a year to make that first substantial sale.


Because it takes time and effort. Work. You have to take the “learning curve” into account. If you don’t know how to build a website it will probably take you a couple of weeks to figure it out and get enough content on it that anyone will pay attention to.

If you don’t know how to build a sales funnel, it will probably take you a couple of weeks to figure it out and get all the links connected up in the right places.

If you don’t know how to write content it will probably take you a couple of weeks to write enough articles and email letters that are persuasive enough to get leads and sales.

Do you see what I mean? It takes time to learn and then get all the moving parts working together in well oiled system.


And there are always little glitches that hold you up. Take for instance this Video I was trying to upload… It took 3 hours to upload because my wireless connection was wonky!

Be realistic about the time you have to devote to it as well.

There are going to be days you’ll have a hard time sitting yourself down to work at your business. You don’t have to punch a clock so the temptation to do something else is often STRONG! LOL

There are days you’ll be sick and can’t work at it. Here in Canada we have power outages in the winter and during strong storms… Life just gets in the way, so you have to be REALISTIC.

If you NEED to earn money within a short time frame, you should probably keep your job or get a job because it take time to BUILD your business to the point where it’s generating consistent income.

So, my advice, keep your job until you’re earning a living with your new business. If you are consistent and dedicated to improving every day, it will come.

Toodles for now! ~Callie

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How To Use Haters & Unsupportive People To Fuel Your Business

There are always going to be negative people who don’t like what you do or what you say. Always. It’s just part of life.

Maybe it’s because of misinformation you’ve provided, or maybe it’s because the “haters” don’t understand what it is you’re doing. They may misunderstand the information you give or maybe they are just outright jerks.

The thing to remember is to Not take it Personally. Keep in mind that their negative comments or actions could be because YOU gave wrong information or unknowingly misrepresented something. If the negativity is because of You, take steps to correct the mistake and then apologize for the mistake and move on.

Some people are never satisfied with apologies, so if that turns out to be the case, ignore them. If they persist, block them.

Unsupportive people abound. They can be family, friends, neighbours or strangers on the internet. What can you LEARN from them?

Well, as I mentioned above, people often have misconceptions about what you are doing or communicating.

In the case of unsuportive friends, family, peers, etc., it’s usually because they just have a lack of knowledge as to what it is you’re doing. They generally are not expressing their doubts about YOUR endeavors, it’s more about their own fears and apprehensions, which usually stem from old misconceptions about doing business on the internet in Spite of the fact that practically all businesses have an online presence..

Be patient, kind and understanding. If they want to hear about your business describe it or show it to them.

If they don’t want to hear about your business, then assure them you know what you’re doing and they don’t have to worry.

Online Businesses have matured into well developed systems that are real wealth creators. I’m affiliated with a premier educational company that specializes in teaching people how to build online businesses from the ground up. You can watch a VIDEO about it here and judge for yourself the quality of internet businesses available!

Toodles for now. ~Callie

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How To Be Resourceful With Money

How to Make Money, Save Money and be more resourceful.

I have a Question for you… Are you amoung the Hundreds of Thousands of people who have “Too Much Month At The End of The Money?”

If so, I want to briefly outline some steps on How To Be More Resourceful With Money

Now, everyone Loves to Save Money so lets explore how to get more out of the money you have rather than worrying about money you Don’t Have!

Wealthy People know how to use $1 and get $5 back, and I’ll briefly touch on how you can learn how to do that at the end of the video, but for now, let’s see if I can help you keep more of YOUR money in YOUR pocket.

Don’t get too tangled up in the actual dollars and cents. Let’s think about how you can get more bang for your buck.

I’m going to share 5 Easy Tips with you you… READY?

1. Use Cash. It’s so simple and yet we’ve almost forgotten it. Your brain has pain and pleasure receptors. When you use cash, those pain and pleasure receptors trigger more readily than when you just swipe a card. Your brain readily triggers the pain impulse when you have to hand over cash, therefore you are NOT as likely to spend your cash on unnecessary items. You make WISER FINANCIAL DECISIONS.

2. Automate Your Monthly Bill Payments. Have a Separate account set up for Bills only. Transfer the funds needed for those bills into that account and then forget about it. Doing That PREVENTS you from missing payments, overdrawing your account and paying overdraft interest, or worse an NSF fee of $50.

Bonus Tip: Make one extra payment a year on your mortgage, car loans, etc. That one extra payment will often result in THOUSANDS of $$ in saved Interest. Go online and bring up your banks mortgage calculator. Plug in your numbers and prepare to be shocked at how much interest you pay… OR can save!

3. CAR POOLS. If you drive to work, have you considered car pooling? Even for one week out of the month you can save yourself a LOT of money in gas and maintenance!

4. Cash Back Programs and Points cards. Use them all! In the last year I’ve earned over $200 in free groceries and merchandise just with one points card. I have an app that gives me % off purchases at hundreds of merchants. Over the course of a year you can save a LOT of money! I’ll put the link to the Free App in the description box below. You just download it

5. YARDSALE. Get rid of stuff you don’t use. Put it on Facebook Marketplace, Kijiji. You’ll be surprised how much money you can free up.

Now, I mentioned that Wealthy People know how to use $1 and get $5 back. It’s a foundational principal to wealth building… INVEST IN YOURSELF. Learn how to Earn.

The company I’m affiliated with can help you build a business, from scratch, for less than $200 a month.

I’m not going to make any income guarantees but they have a 15 Day Online Business Building Challenge that teaches you everything you need to know to set up an online business. There’s a video you can go watch at that Link.

Here’s the Link for the Free Life App I was telling you about to save money.

I’ll leave you with this thought…

If you want something to change in your life, then you have to change something in your life.

Toodles for now! ~Callie

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Why You Need A Business Plan (Plus 5 Questions To Get Started!)

“Every single successful business I’ve started, I’ve developed a business plan. Every unsuccessful business I’ve started, I have not developed a business plan.” ~David Sharpe

Why is it so important? How can it Help You Be Successful?

When you think about starting a business, you need a Plan to follow. It will give you Focus and Save you Time and Time is Valuable.

A business plan gives you a map to follow. It should help you to prioritize and set goals of what you want to achieve in your business. It outlines your purpose and vision of how your business will function.

5 Questions To Get Started

What problems will my business solve for my customers?

Figure out what problems people have you can People are looking for solutions to their problems. There are not going to buy something because you like the product. It has to serve a purpose or satisfy a need. When you are able to find a solution to problems this adds value.

Is there a high demand for the product?

Are customers already looking for what you have to offer? If so you should go ahead with the product offering.

Do I have an interest or am I passionate about the product/service?

If not, chances are you won’t be consistent with creating content. You don’t want to commit yourself to something you don’t like or enjoy. Believe in what you have to offer or no one else will.

What will it cost to start?

Cost is certainly a consideration especially if you don’t have uncommitted earnings. Instead of focusing on the cost, focus on what is needed to get started. If you need a website, hosting, domain name, advertising, etc., prioritize the costs and then ask yourself “How can I get the funds for this?” Your mind will go to work figuring out how to accomplish the goal and it will all fall into place.

I worked extra hours and put the extra income towards the cost. Some people take a second part time job. Think “How Can I?” instead of “I can’t.” It’s powerful.

What business model do I want to use?

You have many options.. main street bricks and mortar business or an online business. If you are already working a 9 to 5 job, the idea of tying yourself to another 9 to 5 job might not be appealing.

An online business, on the other hand, allows you to work in your spare time building your business to the point where you could give up your 9 to 5 job. You’ll still have the security of your day job and the opportunity to replace it without sacrificing your standard of living.

Write your Business Plan for Success. Consider the 5 Questions to Ask.

If you are thinking about starting a business or have an existing business, Legendary Marketer has a comprehensive course in how to write a business plan and how to launch your business. You can get more information and watch a short VIDEO HERE.

Toodles for Now! ~Callie

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Grow A Successful Online Business Using Jay Abraham’s 3 Pillars Of Revenue

Jay Abrahams 3 Pillars of Revenue explained in plain language.  Use them to start and grow a profitable online business.

Jay Abraham is an acclaimed American business executive, author and conference speaker, who is listed by Forbes as one of the Top 5 executive coaches in the US. He is the founder and CEO of the Abraham Group, a marketing consultant firm focused on providing growth strategies to businesses.

His work includes developing strategies for direct response marketing amoung which is his concept he calls The 3 Pillars Of Revenue.”

Not only does he used them himself, but he helps other businesses use them as well with the best of success as a result.

So what are The 3 Pillars Of Revenue?”

The 3 Pillars Of Revenue

  • 1. Acquire (and Increase) Customers
  • 2. Continue Doing Business With Those Same Customers
  • 3. Sell High-Ticket Items

When looking at different types of online businesses, make sure they check all the boxes of the 3 Pillars, if you want to be successful.

So let’s examine these Pillars a bit more closely.

1. Acquire (and increase) Customers

While this may seem simple to do it’s often the hardest. Knowing how to market your products/services requires a particular knowledge and skill set. Don’t ignore acquiring those skills. Realizing you have to spend money to make money is a necessity. Advertising costs money and/or time but is extremely important if you want to get your business and product known to the public.

2. Continue Doing Business With Those Same Customers

Repeat business. Consider the cost of acquiring just one customer. The profit you make off that first sale doesn’t even cover the cost of acquiring them as a customer. You need each and every customer to come back and buy more from you. That’s where your break even lies. If they return multiple times you can turn a profit. Great products and/or services and above average customer service will establish trust and respect and a higher liklihood of repeat business.

3. Sell High-Ticket Items

A high ticket product or service that provides higher value to a customer is important to the profitability of your business. For example, let’s say you sell wood stoves. A customer may want a small wood stove that costs $200. You sell them that but then they need stove pipe and flashing for the roof and a chimney stack. Once this sale is made, that’s it. You take your profit and say bye, bye to the customer. BUT, what if you offer an annual wood delivery and chimney cleaning service for $2,000? You could even break the price up into quarterly or monthly payments with interest. That’s a high ticket sale WITH repeat business (and potential interest)! Always have higher value items to sell that will complement or complete the sale.


Legendary Marketer, in their 15 Day Business Builder Challenge, goes into details in their training on these 3 Pillars.. definitely worth checking out!)

So that’s all for today. Check back with NetworkerZilla for more articles and tips on how to build any successful online businesses!

Toodles for now! ~Callie

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Top 10+ Rich Dad Poor Dad Quotes by Robert Kiyosaki

Robert Kiyosakis’ Rich dad told him that anyone can learn the skills to build wealth if they study the investment strategies of the rich, but that most people never do!

He further went on to say that most people are taught the wrong lessons about money and therefore don’t develop a “success” mindset.

Robert emphasizes that even highly educated people can have little knowledge about finances and mistaken beliefs about even simple concepts such as the difference between an asset and a liability.

There is a difference between “school” education and financial education. Schools do not teach that assets put money in your pocket and liabilities take money out of your pocket.

Here are some Quotes from Mr. Kiyosaki to reflect on that may help you move closer to a Success mindset.

  1. “By not fully understanding money, the vast majority of people allow its awesome power to control them.”~ Robert T. Kiyosaki, Rich Dad, Poor Dad
  2. “The single most powerful asset we all have is our mind. If it is trained well, it can create enormous wealth in what seems to be an instant.”
    ~ Robert T. Kiyosaki, Rich Dad, Poor Dad
  3. “In school we learn that mistakes are bad, and we are punished for making them. Yet, if you look at the way humans are designed to learn, we learn by making mistakes. We learn to walk by falling down. If we never fell down, we would never walk.” “Don’t waste a good mistake. Learn from it”. ~ Robert T. Kiyosaki, Rich Dad, Poor Dad
  4. “You’re only poor if you give up. The most important thing is that you did something. Most people only talk and dream of getting rich. You’ve done something.” ~ Robert T. Kiyosaki, Rich Dad, Poor Dad
  5. “It’s not how much money you make. It’s how much money you keep”. ~ Robert T. Kiyosaki, Rich Dad, Poor Dad
  6. “Don’t work for money; make it work for you”. ~ Robert T. Kiyosaki, Rich Dad, Poor Dad
  7. “If you’re the kind of person who has no guts, you just give up every time life pushes you. If you’re that kind of person, you’ll live all your life playing it safe, doing the right things, saving yourself for something that never happens. Then, you die a boring old man.” ~ Robert T. Kiyosaki, Rich Dad, Poor Dad
  8. “Change your focus from making money to serving more people. Serving more people makes the money come in”. Rich Dad Poor Dad mentions an important law of money, “Give, and you shall receive.” Making it a priority to give more value to others first, our business will succeed after. ~ Robert T. Kiyosaki, Rich Dad, Poor Dad
  9. “Work to learn. Don’t work for money — Look for jobs that can help you develop the skills, systems and people rather than just pay you well” ~ Robert T. Kiyosaki, Rich Dad, Poor Dad
  10. “Workers work hard enough to not be fired, and owners pay just enough so that workers won’t quit.” ~ Robert T. Kiyosaki, Rich Dad, Poor Dad
  11. “I’d rather welcome change than cling to the past.” ~ Robert T. Kiyosaki, Rich Dad, Poor Dad
  12. “The love of money is the root of all evil. The lack of money is the root of all evil.” ~ Robert T. Kiyosaki, Rich Dad, Poor Dad
  13. “Remember the Alamo. Winners are not afraid of losing. But losers are. Failure is part of the process of success. People who avoid failure also avoid success.” ~ Robert T. Kiyosaki, Rich Dad, Poor Dad
  14. “If you realize that you’re the problem, then you can change yourself, learn something and grow wiser. Don’t blame other people for your problems.” ~ Robert T. Kiyosaki, Rich Dad, Poor Dad

Robert, although coming from a non-rich family, went on to become rich by taking his Rich Dads advice. His example and advice for us is a gift. We can take his valuable insights and his allegories and apply them to our own lives to build our own Success mindset. When we apply that mindset to everything we do, we should realize some success, not just financially, but in other areas of our lives as well.

If you want to learn more about what it takes to become a successful online marketer, including developing the right Mindset and Money Blueprint, click on the link below and sign up for…

Legendary Marketer’s 15 Day Business Builder Challenge

Start taking Roberts advice above, click the link and learn how it’s done…

Great Lessons From Rich Dad Poor Dad (or Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind)

The Rich have been taught things about money that the rest of us have not been taught.  Find out some of those secrets here!

Studies and research and major breakthroughs in recent years into Neuroscience, has discovered that the human brain is made of neuroplasticity. What that means is that a lot of the beliefs and values and behaviours that those beliefs and values lead to, can be rewired. It literally re-molds based on you doing different things.

Who you are, or who you THINK you are, can be changed. You can become a better person, a better businessperson, a better version of yourself.

Rich Dad, Poor Dad author, Robert Kiyosaki talks about the lessons he learned about money from his “rich” dad and from his “poor” dad. The way those two different dads THOUGHT about money determined how much of it they had. He talks about how poverty thinking is passed on from generation to generation, and how to develop and improve your relationship with money.

Watch His Video Here

He talks about how school systems actually teache you to be poor.. it never teaches about money.

Roberts’ father was the head of education in a school. He had a PhD. Robert asked his father why they weren’t learning about money in school. His fathers answer was very enlightening. His father said “Because the government doesn’t let us teach that subject. The government tells us what we can teach and what we can’t teach.” Robert thought that was strange and replied “But aren’t we going to school to learn about money?” His dad answered, “No. Your job is to get a job.”

Robert goes on to explain, “Poverty is passed on. It’s taught in your families. Middle class is taught in families. People who are making a lot of money but are unhappy with what they’re doing, it was probably taught to you. Your super ego was taught ‘to work hard, get a job’, or ‘you’ll never be rich’, or ‘the rich are evil’ or whatever!”

Until you change your mindset your money won’t help you.

We see that with people who win the lottery, with people that make more money, they still have the same problem because they have that ‘Poor Mans Soul’.

If you have that ‘poor mans mentality’you’ll always be poor. The money will disappear fast. Most pro-athletes make millions of dollars and 65% are bankrupt 5 years later. It’s because they come from poor families and have that “poor mans mentality”.

The moment I pay you, you think like an employee. THAT’S THE TRAP.”

Entrepreneurs work for free. The moment you accept a paycheck your brain goes dead. As long as you’re hungry you’ll think.” ~Robert Kiyosaki

People say “Well, why don’t you give the poor money?” The only problem with that is that it creates more poor people. Everybody wants free fish. The saying ‘Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.’

You can Re-wire your brain about the way you think and understand money. You’ll need to unpack your beliefs, values and behaviours around money and then put back together healthy beliefs about money so you can Stop Self-Sabotaging yourself and your financial future. It all starts with you gaining AWARENESS. Awareness leads to New Action.

Dr. Bruce Lipton, PhD

“Worrying is praying for something that you don’t want. So stop worrying!” ~Bhagavan Das

When you worry you keep in your mind objects that get you nervous and scare you and the more you keep them in your mind, the more the mind converts that into reality.

Become energetically frugal with your money and your body. Your thoughts use energy. Your interaction with life use energy. If you want to survive then realize that Everything you do in your life you put out energy for.

Therefore review what you’re doing in your life. If you’re putting your energy into things you cannot change in this world, that’s like writing a cheque and throwing away your money outside, because you get nothing back from it.

Do this mental exercise. Picture you have an energy chequebook to write cheques from your energy bank account. You have a certain balance of energy in your chequebook and you cannot exceed it or you cease to survive.

Everytime you use energy you have to say “Is the use of this energy going to enhance my life or is it just wasted energy?”

Am I getting involved in a political argument with people where I use up all my energy and will I have changed the world, or even one mind? No? Am I going to use up all my energy to try to convince other people to change their life or change their way of living to make them even healthier, but they’re not ready to do that, then I’d be wasting my energy.

If you had to write a cheque every time you had to have a thought, you’d have to ask yourself, “Is this thought going to enhance my life or is this thought going to take away from my life?”

When you get to the point where you realize that, you’ll start to direct your actions where you put your energy into things that enhance your life and give you an opportunity to survive and thrive.

The more thoughts you put into the negative aspects or fear, not only are you wasting your energy, these negative stresses impair your immune system and brings on disease itself.

You’re living on a budget and it’s what represents your life. If you’re going to use your budget wisely, put your thoughts, put your energy, put your money into those things that enhance your personal life and enhance the community that you live in.

Don’t waste your energy fighting the old system that is falling apart. Conserve your energy and create beautiful, rather than worry and manifest the opposite.

Toodles for Now! ~Callie

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This is Why Poor People Stay Poor, and Rich People Stay Rich (and how you can change that for yourself)

We know there are things we need to learn if we want to build successful businesses and make lots of money. We learn about different tools to use and how to use them.

But did you know that you also need to learn “how to” build a success filled ‘Brain’?

Most of us are programmed to be unsuccessful. Crazy right?

We are conditioned from a very young age with certain beliefs about money and success. We don’t even know it. Most of those beliefs are untrue but that’s not our fault. It’s passed down by parents, teachers, peers and practically everyone you know. From generation to generation. And they don’t know they’ve been programmed negatively either.

So, Do You Know What You Think About Money?? How Do You Change Your Thinking So You Can Succeed?

If you’ve grown up hearing “We can’t afford that”, or, “That costs too much”, or, “There’s too much month at the end of the money”, THAT right there is part of the negative programming!

It’s a subconscious “want” mentality. It creates negative unconscious programming and affects our every decision around money, which of course, percolates down to how you handle your money, how you spend and save money, and your attitude towards money in general.

Our financial attitude about money usually holds us back from becoming financially free… but thankfully that can change!

In this VIDEO, Dr. Bruce Lipton Explains HOW WE ARE PROGRAMMED AT BIRTH. It’s very eye opening!

He says.. “Just look at your life and ask, where am I struggling? Inevitably there’s a program in your subconscious that does not support that destination you’ve been looking for. Anything you struggle with, work hard at, put a lot of effort into making happen (why you are working so hard), inevitably you have a program that doesn’t support that and you’re trying to overwrite that program.”

Dr. Lipton then goes on to explain a couple of steps you can take to change your programming. 1. Hypnosis, which is the first 7 years of life, and 2. REPETITION. PRACTICE to instill ‘new programming’

Since the subconscious mind learns in those two basic ways, you need to develop ‘New Programs’. If you missed the boat on the productive programming in the first 7 years of your life, then you have to resort to Repetition and Practice.

What do you Practice and Repeat? You practice NOT repeating negative thoughts and Repeating positive, affirmative ones. For example: Instead of thinking “I can’t affortd that”, think “How can I afford that?” You mind will immediately go to work to figure out how to do that something.

Over time the helpful, positive, affirmative thought will comes naturally and will overwrite the negative attitudes. It becomes part of the subconscious. Fake it till you make it is a good way to put your new plan into action

You might not feel it’s true, but by repetition you’re talking to your Subconscious. If your subconscious gets told something over and over (and 95% of your life comes from the subconscious), then there will come a point where you won’t have to say it again. It will be automatic. You will become that which you wish to become.

This is the Secret. Repetition is a Habit. You can change your own mind and your reality, in a major way.

Repeat, Repeat, REPEAT!

To summarize: The biggest thing that determines whether or not you can become wealthy is your BELIEFS.

Our beliefs about money will determine whether or not we have any. The beliefs you hold about money is your “Blueprint”… it’s what will guide you and push you toward, or away from, your financial goals.

If you aren’t aware of your ‘money blueprint”, then you will be stuck in the same money situation for the REST OF YOUR LIFE. Identify it. Become aware of it and then you can change it.

So, that’s a lot of interesting information and you can now use it to develop a Success Mindset.

I’ll have more information on this important subject in the next article “Great Lessons From Rich Dad Poor Dad (or Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind) “ Follow me to get notifications of these great tips on building Online Business Success!

Toodles for now! ~Callie

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