Great Lessons From Rich Dad Poor Dad (or Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind)

The Rich have been taught things about money that the rest of us have not been taught.  Find out some of those secrets here!

Studies and research and major breakthroughs in recent years into Neuroscience, has discovered that the human brain is made of neuroplasticity. What that means is that a lot of the beliefs and values and behaviours that those beliefs and values lead to, can be rewired. It literally re-molds based on you doing different things.

Who you are, or who you THINK you are, can be changed. You can become a better person, a better businessperson, a better version of yourself.

Rich Dad, Poor Dad author, Robert Kiyosaki talks about the lessons he learned about money from his “rich” dad and from his “poor” dad. The way those two different dads THOUGHT about money determined how much of it they had. He talks about how poverty thinking is passed on from generation to generation, and how to develop and improve your relationship with money.

Watch His Video Here

He talks about how school systems actually teache you to be poor.. it never teaches about money.

Roberts’ father was the head of education in a school. He had a PhD. Robert asked his father why they weren’t learning about money in school. His fathers answer was very enlightening. His father said “Because the government doesn’t let us teach that subject. The government tells us what we can teach and what we can’t teach.” Robert thought that was strange and replied “But aren’t we going to school to learn about money?” His dad answered, “No. Your job is to get a job.”

Robert goes on to explain, “Poverty is passed on. It’s taught in your families. Middle class is taught in families. People who are making a lot of money but are unhappy with what they’re doing, it was probably taught to you. Your super ego was taught ‘to work hard, get a job’, or ‘you’ll never be rich’, or ‘the rich are evil’ or whatever!”

Until you change your mindset your money won’t help you.

We see that with people who win the lottery, with people that make more money, they still have the same problem because they have that ‘Poor Mans Soul’.

If you have that ‘poor mans mentality’you’ll always be poor. The money will disappear fast. Most pro-athletes make millions of dollars and 65% are bankrupt 5 years later. It’s because they come from poor families and have that “poor mans mentality”.

The moment I pay you, you think like an employee. THAT’S THE TRAP.”

Entrepreneurs work for free. The moment you accept a paycheck your brain goes dead. As long as you’re hungry you’ll think.” ~Robert Kiyosaki

People say “Well, why don’t you give the poor money?” The only problem with that is that it creates more poor people. Everybody wants free fish. The saying ‘Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.’

You can Re-wire your brain about the way you think and understand money. You’ll need to unpack your beliefs, values and behaviours around money and then put back together healthy beliefs about money so you can Stop Self-Sabotaging yourself and your financial future. It all starts with you gaining AWARENESS. Awareness leads to New Action.

Dr. Bruce Lipton, PhD

“Worrying is praying for something that you don’t want. So stop worrying!” ~Bhagavan Das

When you worry you keep in your mind objects that get you nervous and scare you and the more you keep them in your mind, the more the mind converts that into reality.

Become energetically frugal with your money and your body. Your thoughts use energy. Your interaction with life use energy. If you want to survive then realize that Everything you do in your life you put out energy for.

Therefore review what you’re doing in your life. If you’re putting your energy into things you cannot change in this world, that’s like writing a cheque and throwing away your money outside, because you get nothing back from it.

Do this mental exercise. Picture you have an energy chequebook to write cheques from your energy bank account. You have a certain balance of energy in your chequebook and you cannot exceed it or you cease to survive.

Everytime you use energy you have to say “Is the use of this energy going to enhance my life or is it just wasted energy?”

Am I getting involved in a political argument with people where I use up all my energy and will I have changed the world, or even one mind? No? Am I going to use up all my energy to try to convince other people to change their life or change their way of living to make them even healthier, but they’re not ready to do that, then I’d be wasting my energy.

If you had to write a cheque every time you had to have a thought, you’d have to ask yourself, “Is this thought going to enhance my life or is this thought going to take away from my life?”

When you get to the point where you realize that, you’ll start to direct your actions where you put your energy into things that enhance your life and give you an opportunity to survive and thrive.

The more thoughts you put into the negative aspects or fear, not only are you wasting your energy, these negative stresses impair your immune system and brings on disease itself.

You’re living on a budget and it’s what represents your life. If you’re going to use your budget wisely, put your thoughts, put your energy, put your money into those things that enhance your personal life and enhance the community that you live in.

Don’t waste your energy fighting the old system that is falling apart. Conserve your energy and create beautiful, rather than worry and manifest the opposite.

Toodles for Now! ~Callie

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***Disclosure:“I am an independent ClickFunnels and Aweber Affiliate, not an employee. I receive referral payments from ClickFunnels and/or Aweber. The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of Aweber or ClickFunnels or ClickFunnels parent company,Etison LLC.” ***

An Email List is The Goose That Laid The Golden Egg! (and How To Create One)

list is the Goose that laid the Golden Egg for your online business.

You may have heard that email marketing is dead. A thing of the past. Bygone days. So Old School.

Well, You have heard Wrong. Email Lists are the Goose That Laid The Golden Eggs. Don’t Bury that Goose Yet!

With so many automated websites, point and click systems, Social Media and the like, I can understand why people would thing that Email lists have outlived their usefullness. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

According to statistics compiled from countless Online businesses, email lists pay out, on average, $1 per month for EVERY email list subscriber. Do the math. If you build your list to 1000, 2000, 5000, 10,000 or more, then put a $ sign in front of that number for your monthly income estimate!

Now there is no guarantee of course, but statistics bear this out. If you are serious about earning income from an online business, and you set things up correctly, then you could see substantial earnings over time.


Great question. Here’s the skinny on that… through a Capture Page which sends the collected emails to an Autoresponder or Sales Funnel system.

What’s the difference? Not much. Pretty much all autoresponder systems are set up for sales funnels, and all Sales Funnel systems are set up with autoresponders. They do it differently, but they usually offer most of the same functions.

I’ll include my two favourite systems in the P.S. below so you can check them out.

Please AVOID doing this

Don’t send your traffic directly to the product sales page from the Affiliate link you’re given when you join an Affiliate Marketing program.

Why? Because you give the affiliate site all the customer emails instead of keeping them for your own list. They’ll get the customer emails anyway, but don’t shortchange yourself. You need to build your own list.

  Figure 1: Mistake #1 – Don’t send traffic directly to the product pages of the affiliate company without getting their email address routed to your email list.

So, you need to set up what is called a Sales Funnel. This is how it works.

Let’s say a person finds your Ad on Facebook. To get more information on your offer that person enters their email address into an “Opt-in” page (capture page) and clicks a button to proceed to the information page.

Their email address is routed to your email list (for ex. On ClickFunnels) and they are taken to a ‘Bridge Page’ which has a video or some text that helps you “Bridge” the gap between the Opt-in page and the Sales Page.

The video/Info page is your opportunity to introduce yourself and tell a bit about the information they’re going to get and how helpful it’s been to you. This will connect you to the person who is going through the funnel because all through the process they’ve learned more and more about you and have built a bond with you.

The person who just opted-in can then proceed to the Sales Page of the offer where they can decide to purchase or not.

When you build your email list up over time it becomes your #1 source for free traffic.

To Build Your Email List…

  • 1. Set up a Capture Page through ClickFunnels. You’ll receive a link to advertise the product, that sends people to the capture page first.
  • 2. Connect the Bridge page or the ‘Affiliate Product Info’ page link to the Capture Page so that after people enter their email address to get the info, they’ll be taken to that page, and their email address will be routed to your email list.
  • 3. Write a short Ad promoting the affiliate product with the Capture Page link in the Ad. Hyperlink words in the ad with the capture page link.
  • 4. Post the Ads on your social media, message boards, blogs, etc. to get traffic.

And there is another way to compile your email list.

You will still need an autoresponder to send emails out to your list, but it’s not as seamless as setting it up within the sales funnel system.

You could send people directly to your affiliate product page. If they click a link and enter their email address, the affiliate program will send you a notification of their email address. You can copy their email address into your list, BUT you have to get their permission to email them. That means setting up an email in the Autoresponder system introducing yourself and asking their permission to email them about the offer they just asked about.

Remember, they don’t know who you are… they just know the affiliate partner. Your response rate is not very good. Your list grows very, very slowly this way.

It’s always best to follow a great Sales Funnel System for an effective, seamless email list building plan.

Toodles for now! ~Callie

P.S. My favourite Autoresponder is Aweber and my favourite Sales Funnel is ClickFunnels. Both of these are above average systems that are really inexpensive but include everything you need in their basic rates. If you are a Total Newbie to Online Business building, I recommend ClickFunnels as their system is a total “Email List building for Dummies” kind of system. Aweber is more for folks who have some experience with these systems and want more customization.

P.P.S. If you would like an A – Z, step by step, take you by the hand course to teach you Everything you need to know to build an Online Business the right way, Go Here to get more information on an Amazing 15 Day Business Building Challenge course going on right now. By the end of the 15 days you’ll know whether this is for you or not. Learn how to generate FREE TRAFFIC and set up Sales Funnels the easy way!

*** Disclosure: If you purchase anything through a link in this article, you should assume that I have an affiliate relationship with the company providing the product or service that you purchase, and that I’ll be compensated in some small way at no extra cost to you. ***

***Disclosure: “I am an independent ClickFunnels and Aweber Affiliate, not an employee. I receive referral payments from ClickFunnels and/or Aweber. The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of Aweber or ClickFunnels or ClickFunnels parent company, Etison LLC.” ***

WOULD You Like to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing?? Here’s 5 THINGS You SHOULD Know Before Choosing an Opportunity…

Even If You Are a Beginner...

If you’ve done research for an online business opportunity, you’ve probably come across the Affiliate Marketing model and seen some fantastic claims about now much money you can make with it.

And then there’s a Zillion affiliate marketing “opportunities” and you’re like, Holy Smoke Batman! You need a ‘bat signal’ of sorts to shine a light through the haze of infinite options.

Here’s Your Own Personal “Bat Signal”…

So let’s just clarify what Affiliate Marketing is…

When you promote products or services of a particular business/company then you become an affiliate of that company. If someone purchases something through your affiliate link, the company pays you a commission on that sale.

You probably promote many companies and products already through word of mouth recommendations, but you just don’t get paid for it.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of business’ that will allow you to sign up as an affiliate marketer with them. 

Alrighty Then… How do you find a good affiliate offer to promote? Well, there are 5 important things you need to look for before choosing an affiliate program.


1. The Product Value — Do people Want to Buy it? Is there Demand for the Product?

First you have to find out if there is a Large Market for your product or service. The quickest way to do this is through Google and Youtube. Type in the search box a description of the product/niche you’re considering and then see how many “views” that item has. For example, type “Work at Home businesses” or ‘How To Start an Online business’ into the search box… you’ll see that there are hundreds of thousands to Millions of views on these topics. It stands to reason that there is a HUGE demand for information on this type of business model, which is good news if you’re considering affiliate marketing!!

2. Profit Margins — Is it enough of a margin to earn you Cold Hard Cash?

Ask yourself… “Self, do I want to earn a larger commission on each sale and have to make fewer sales, OR do I want to earn a bunch of tiny little commissions?” Your “self” would probably choose bigger commissions on fewer sales if your ‘self’ was smart. 

Here’s the thing… Something that costs $10 is only going to have a limited amount of profit from which to pay out a commission. If the company is making a 50% profit on an item, then it is not likely to pay you much more than half of that profit. 

Let’s do the math. Let’s say your goal is to earn $3,000 per month. If the company you affiliate with makes a $5 profit on the items you’re selling and pays a 50% commission of that heres’s what it looks like for you…

  • $5 x 50% = $2.50
  • $3,000 / $2.50 = 1,200

THAT means you have to sell 1,200 items to earn a $3,000 commission cheque. Yikes!

You’re Doin it WRONG!

Unless it’s an extremely Hot items, Good Luck.

Choose a business that has low, mid and high ticket items to help you earn higher commissions consistently!

3. Tracking Links — How long do your tracking links last?

It’s important to get paid for ALL purchases your referred customers make. When you sign up as an affiliate for any business, they provide you with an ID. When potential customers click on a link that has your ID embedded in it, and they purchase something, your ID in the link will tell the company who referred that customer to them. The company will then pay you a commission on that sale.

Here’s an example of a Link to an Affiliate Marketing Opportunity…

The number at the end is usually part of the ID. The link takes people to a page where you can get a video or information for the business’ offer and it tells the company who referred you to them.

Most businesses have limits on how long your link to their products will last. Some expire after 60–90 days, and some last indefinitely. Ideally, you want an indefinite link. You also want the link to be applicable to ALL products on the businesses website, not just to specific ones.

I love Legendary Marketer because the ID’s never expire and it attaches to ALL products of the company as long as you remain affiliated with them!! That’s the ideal model.

4. Marketing Material and Support — Does the company you choose Have what you need?

You need to have ample marketing material to help you promote the affiliate marketing company you choose to partner with. You also want there to be ample support for the customers you refer to them.

Any business with valuable product offerings will make sure you have everything you need to build a successful business with them. It’s in their best interest to do so. It’s also in their best interest to treat each and every customer with the utmost consideration and respect by providing excellent customer service! Prompt response times, money-back guarantees, etc., are must have components of a great affiliate marketing company.

5. Reputation — You want a reputable company to partner with.

You need to insist on Integrity. Your reputation is on the line if you forego this important element. Any Affiliate Marketing Company you choose to partner with should have an exemplary reputation. Has the company or business gotten a bad reputation in the industry. It’s not hard to weed out the bad apples… there will be all kinds of complaints all over the internet. Google the company name and read the reviews. Go to affiliate marketing message boards. You’ll quickly pinpoint what companies to steer clear of, but at the same time, the good ones will literally leap off the page at you!

I’ve been personally vetting online businesses for close to 20 years and have come across the good the bad and the ugly. These days there are more good than bad affiliate marketing opportunities… and very few ugly ones. People are more internet savy now so the ugly ones get decimated quite quickly.

So, there you have it. Follow these 5 principals and you will rarely go wrong when making your choice of what online business to choose to affiliate with.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND the Legendary Marketer 15 Day Business Building Challenge as a first step to building an online affiliate marketing business. 

GO HERE NOW to get in on this Groundbreaking Educational Challenge!

Toodles for Now ~Callie

***Disclosure: If you purchase anything through a link in this article, you should assume that I have an affiliate relationship with the company providing the product or service that you purchase, and that I’ll be compensated in some small way at no extra cost to you. ***
***Disclosure: “I am an independent ClickFunnels and Aweber Affiliate, not an employee. I receive referral payments from ClickFunnels and/or Aweber. The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of Aweber or ClickFunnels or ClickFunnels parent company, Etison LLC.” ***

7 – What Is Affiliate Marketing? Can You Make Money With It?

Affiliate Marketing is one of the easiest online business to start. It’s point and click, drag n drop!

In my last article you learned some basics on the 4 Types of Online Business Models to look at if you want to actually make money with an online business. Today I’m going to focus on the value of getting started with the Affiliate Marketing model.

Affiliate Marketing is a marketing system where companies will pay you when you send customers to them. When the customer purchases something from that company, the company pays you a commission on that sale. In order to get paid for referring customers to a company, you must enroll as an Affiliate of that company. There are THOUSANDS of companies that welcome Affiliates and they generally have pre-built systems that you use to promote their company.

So, how can you tell a good affiliate program from a bad one? I’m glad you asked!

5 Things To Look For In An Affiliate Marketing (AM) Program

You can can have an Affiliate Marketing business without creating any of your own products, just be sure to looks for these elements…

  1. Product Value. Is it something people actually want to buy and good quality that people won’t return?
  2. Margins. Are their profit margins high enough to give good commissions?
  3. Tracking . Are the tracking links solid and how long are they good for. Do you just get paid on the front end, or from repeat sales?
  4. Marketing material. Are there great marketing materials, info/videos to help you promote their products/services to attract customers?
  5. Integrity. Does the company have a good reputation? Do they treat people right, pay you on time and handle delivery and/or returns in a prompt manner?

If there are businesses and products YOU Love, and you’re referring friends and family to that business, why not get paid for those referrals? Many companies would rather pay affiliates to promote their products, than pay advertising firms to promote their products. It usually saves them money in advertising costs and is more effective because of the personal touch!

No Brainer Alert!! You can build a great business around that principal and thousands of people do.

Allright then… SPILL THE BEANS… Where does anyone find the right companies to Partner with??

Pick me.. no, pick me!  NO, Pick ME!  It's hard to tell what affiliate marketing program to pick when you're starting out.

So Many Affiliate Marketing Programs to Choose From!!

Bad news. You could take weeks or even months to find the right companies. There are literally Thousands of Affiliate Marketing companies to choose from. You need to find at least ONE great one to start with and once you find that it will be a good yardstick to measure others by.

Good News.Here’s one of my Favourites and it’s perfect to start with…

Legendary Marketer helps guide you to High Converting Affiliate Offers with great companies. They also have their own Affiliate Program that you can take advantage of, which checks all the boxes of the 3 Pillars of Business for Success.

It has a suite of Low, Mid, and High Ticket Products. Affiliate Marketing is a great way to start or scale an online business and it’s also a great way to add an additional stream when building another of the Core 4 business types.

Even Better News. Legendary Marketer has the training EVERY online business builder needs. If you don’t know where to begin, BEGIN HERE!

As an Affiliate Marketer you can MAKE A GREAT LIVING online, just by putting great products in front of people every day! The biggest challenge new online business builders have is getting the proper training. I know this. I’ve lived this fact up until now! So, I Highly Recommend Legendary Marketer to get started.

Get The Training You Need and Build Your Work From Home Business At The Same Time!!

Toodles for now! ~Callie

*** Disclosure: If you purchase anything through a link in
this article, you should assume that I have an affiliate relationship with the company providing the product or service that you purchase, and that I’ll be compensated in some small way at no extra cost to you. ***

What 4 Types of Online Business Models Are The Most Successful? (and why even dummies can succeed with the right model!)

Which Online Business Model Do You Like The Best?

Just So You Know, This Information isn’t coming from MY brain. I’m not that smart. I’m learning this stuff from the Legendary Marketer 15 Day Business Building Challenge.

The nuggets of wisdom found herein are all included from day 2 of the challenge. If You’re smart, you’ll check it out for yourself.

It took me way too long to get smart. But here I am sharing these words of wisdom with ya’ll.

You’re Welcome!

Enough preamble. Now, if you have the wrong tools and the wrong blueprint for your Online Business, you’re going to be doomed for failure from the start.

It doesn’t matter how intelligent, how driven or capable you are. Even dummies can succeed with the right model! That was great news for me, because although quite smart, I’m ADD. That makes everything waaaaay harder. The struggle is real people!

For me, it was extremely important to have an automated sales funnel with a high ticket and high leverage business model so that my business could start right off with just one person clicking on one of my online links. It’s true… if you have the right tools and the right blueprint in place you’ll be absolutely amazed at what can happen when people go through a high value “Value Ladder” and are able to purchase a valuable product.

You NEED the 3 “Profit Activators” otherwise known as the 3 Pillars of Business Success.

Three (3) Pillars of Business for Success by Jay Ingram

  • 1. Get More Customers
  • 2. Do Repeat business with these customers
  • 3. Sell Higher Ticket items to make more $$

When looking at different types of online businesses, make sure they check all 3 of the boxes of the 3 Pillars if you want to be successful.

(Legendary Marketer, in their 15 Day Business Builder Challenge, goes into details in their training on these 3 Pillars.. definitely worth checking out!)

For Example…

Low ticket Affiliate Marketing Business Models – checks 2 out of 3 of the Pillars but the low ticket price = low commissions. Someone buying a wiget from Shopify or Amazon is not going to be looking for a Larger ticket item. Long term You need to sell a LOT of those smaller ticket items. It’s really hard to be successful in that type of sales.

High Leverage, High Ticket Business Models

  • Must be location independent business you can do from anywhere, anytime.
  • Must be online, with minimal overhead and startup headaches. Fast Profits.
  • Must be “ELF” (Easy, Lucrative, Fun) Not “HALF” (Hard, Annoying, Lame, Frustrating)
  • Must have all 3 profit activators alive and well.


THE CORE 4 – They check off the 3 Pillars!

  • 1. Affiliate Marketing – If you chose the right affiliate marketing products
  • 2. Digital Products – Wisdom and Knowledge & turn into a video/audio/written – creae once and sell over and over.
  • 3. Coaching and Consulting – Can do 1-on-1 OR 1-on-1,000s. Don’t need an office to do this… It’s high leverage!
  • 4. Events and Masterminds – The ability to reach 100s of people all at the same time and have most High Ticket Price Tag. Plus it’s more personal.

High Leverage Inside Of A High Ticket Business Model.

How do these Core 4 business models work in the real world along with each other?

  • Affiliate Marketing – Product Subscription $30 … offer this 1st
  • Digital Products – $397 … offer this 2nd
  • Coaching and Counselling – $1000 – $5000 … offer this 3rd
  • Events and Masterminds – $5,000 – $10,000… offer this last

Do you notice that these 4 business models also model the “Value Ladder”? They work hand in hand… the perfect combination.

*** You capture their email address at the beginning so that you can email them later with the 2nd, 3rd and 4th “special offers”. If they find lots of value with the 1st offer, they’re very likely to take you up on subsequent offers. ***

The Sales Funnel helps you do that all in one fell swoop! If they don’t click the ‘Add This Special Offer’ when it pops up in the sales funnel checkout, you still have their email address… remember?

Well, I think that’s enough information for this topic. Be sure to check out previous articles to get more information on this whole online business building process. I’ll keep building on themes and topics as we progress.

Toodle for Now! ~Callie

Legenary Marketer Review.. A Real One From a ‘Real’ Old Gal

I gotta tell ya, I’ve been looking a long time for a Step-by-Step program to teach me how to do Online Business the right way. It’s been a long, brutal search. I’ve been pecking away at the online business stuff on and off for over 20 years. I think I’ve pecked the internet barer than my chickens have pecked every blade of grass out of the backyard!

All my friends and family pretty much think I’m clucking nuts that I’m still doing this. Yup. Really. But this old bird ain’t giving up!

I’ll tell you one thing though. Since starting the Legendary Marketer program, I’ve learned more in a month than I’ve pieced together in my 20 years of searching online. No lie.

I used to get so discouraged. I just KNEW there had to be a way to be successful with an online business. I just KNEW there had to be an ‘Honest to Goodness” system that wasn’t going to fleece me and that would actually fill in all the missing elements I could never get before.

Well,Legendary Marketer hasn’t disappointed me. I’m finally doing it. I finally have HOPE that I can actually build an online business that’s professional and profitable.

And do you know what I love the most? I don’t have to tear my hair out figuring out and developing all the moving parts. As I get older it’s falling out pretty good all by itself, but Legendary Marketer does it all for me. I just have to follow the steps and advice and take advantage of the AMAZING HELP they offer.

Thank you Legendary Marketer. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I almost gave up, but you’ve made it so easy for me that I just know I’ll be earning my retirement income from the comfort of my home!

So here’s an overview of those “Moving Parts” of the Legendary Marketer program.

First of all, Who and What is Legendary Marketer? I’ve taken this description directly off the Legendary Marketer website…

Online Marketing Education Delivered Simply And With Integrity. Learn The Necessary Personal, Business And Marketing Skills To Thrive With Confidence In An Ever-Changing And Highly Competitive Online Marketplace.

Legendary Marketer Mission…

  • To Help people start an online business or grow an existing business using online and cutting edge marketing strategies.
  • We Help People learn the necessary personal, business and marketing skills to thrive with confidence in an ever changing and highly competitive online marketplace.
  • We Do This By providing robust digital courses, personalized virtual coaching and highly dynamic and supportive live mastermind events.

Founded by David Sharpe, Legendary Marketer offers an extensive series of courses, designed to take you step-by-step through the basics of an online business start up, to the completion of a well rounded, efficient business system that will generate free leads, put those leads into a well oiled sales funnel and convert those leads into sales, and thus, commissions.

The courses develop skills that are transferable to any online business model, and they also provide Live Training, Masterminds and Coaching in addition to Scripts and a plethora of valuable Marketing tools!

So what about guarantees?

This was something I was concerned about as I’ve seen so many online “programs” come and go over the years. I’m willing to give any program a thorough vetting, however I’m not willing to let a bad program keep my money.

Happily, I discovered their 100% money back guarantee. I wasn’t too worried about losing $7, but if I decided to take the plunge and purchase one of the in-depth courses I certainly wanted to know I could get my money back if I wasn’t satisfied.

You can go to their Refund Information page to get more details.

Legendary Marketer teaches the principle of Sales Funnels, and so this is the model they use to promote their own educational courses. They don’t start off trying to sell you their most expensive courses. Instead they have an introductory 15 Day Online Business Builder Challenge for $7. It gives a lot of value upfront and allows them to gain your trust. If you benefit from what you learn, they offer higher value courses you can opt into later.

I copied this from the Legendary Marketer website

There are dozens of teaching videos, tons of peer support, educational articles and on and on. I have never seen such jam packed information in any online course before. In fact, there is SO much training that you would almost have to be a self saboteur to NOT learn and succeed, it’s that extensive.

The 15 Day Business Building Challenge for $7, is an excellent starting point for anyone who wants to try out an online business. It’s inexpensive and has all the information you need to get a small business launched.

I did that, but I also joined the Legendary Marketers Club for $30 a month because I wanted More instruction and More help. The membership includes virtual training workshop videos, interviews with successful online businessmen/women, and new classes added each month. The training is done by many different experts in the fields of marketing, sales, business management, traffic and lead generation, etc.

OK, so that’s a basic overview. I think you’ll do yourself a bigger favour if you just go to the website and look over everything they have to offer.

Go To This Link for The 15 Day Business Building Challenge for ONLY $7. Take it for a Test Drive and see if you don’t learn enough to launch a simple online business that can gain you Free traffic and income for years to come.

Toodles for now! ~Callie

*** Disclosure: If you purchase anything through a link in this article, you should assume that I have an affiliate relationship with the company providing the product or service that you purchase, and that I’ll be compensated in some small way at no extra cost to you. ***

What Is Your Story? Why Are You Thinking About An Online Business?

It’s IMMEDIATELY evident, as soon as you jump on the internet, that there is endless opportunity.

You Have Two Choices...
  • Opportunity for getting information on anything.
  • Opportunity for sharing information on anything.
  • Opportunity to follow your dreams. To choose your path.

It’s vast and seemingly endless. Oddly that presents a problem, doesn’t it? Where to begin. Where to focus. What to trust. What to be wary of.

Indeed. In the realm of Online Business the starting point is daunting.. unless, of course, you know where to begin or how to begin. It’s prudent to have a guide then, isn’t it? Someone you can trust. Someone who won’t steer you wrong.

I saw the opportunity the internet presented over 20 years ago. I went back to college at the ripe old age of 40 to learn how to build, fix and use computers. I loved it. One of my classes was entrepreneurship. We had to use multi-media software to develop an online business presence in preparation of going out after graduation to design websites for bricks and mortar businesses. I was hooked. But I saw beyond Main Street USA businesses… I figured there had to be online businesses I could start from home to free me from the 9–5 grind. Do you relate?

By the way, my computer back then (in 1999) cost $2,400!!! I had Windows 98 and I had a whopping 20 Megabites on it. I added another 30 Mgbs and then maxed it out with 20 more for a total of 70 Mgbs!! I was Smokin it! LOL

Anyway, Long story short, there were tons of online “businesses” I could start but it was the wild west on the internet back then and needless to say, without a trustworthy guide, I fell prey to a lot of shysters. I lost a fair chunk of change and countless hours of my time.

It was a steep learning curve. I paid the price but I don’t really regret it. I can spot a fraudulent scheme from a mile away now!

Thankfully the world of business on the internet has matured and you can now vet any business or program within a matter of minutes.

So that’s a good thing.

BUT, wading through the vast forest of opportunities to find a good fit is still a problem. The questions NAG.. how much time does it take to learn what you need to know, to gain the skills you need to have to build your business so that you’re not only competent, but successful? It’s a valid concern.

My considered advice is for you to Identify WHY you want to go online to earn an income.

Is the reason WHY strong enough that you’re willing to learn what you need to know to build an online business? Nothing comes free and it ALL takes time to do.

It took me YEARS of trial and error to get to the point where I could successfully build an online business… and I’m STILL learning. What I learned in college, believe it or not, did not help me much in the real world of online business , especially in todays world of point, click, drag, drop.

When I started out online, the most reputable online businesses were Network and Affiliate Marketing companies. They blazed a trail for other online formats and off we all went, from program to program, website to website. It became a flip-floppy, program-hoppy, bad habit that was hard to kick because we were ALL looking for help. It was a Lot of Hard Work. Too Hard in many cases so an awful lot of us just quit.

Back to work Sherry!  Your fun has been cancelled.
Every evening after supper, this was my life… it was a grind.

I spent hours building affiliate websites that had awesome content, only to have no traffic -> Zero visitors.

No traffic = No sales = No income. Accccckk.

I was a Mom who had to go to work and leave my teenagers home by themselves for that time between school getting out and me getting home from work. I yearned to work from home to earn a living so I could keep an eye on my monsters.

It was discouraging. I gave up so many times, but just kept gravitating back time after time thinking “THERE’S GOT TO BE SOMETHING THAT WORKS!”

So here’s the very GOOD NEWs.

There is something that works. It works for any business you chose. I WISH so much it had been available back then. Don’t get me wrong, there were a lot of really good ‘guides’, but the drawback is that they weren’t all complete.

You had to find specific guides for what you wanted to do, at a price your could afford, purchase it, and then try to fit them all together into a cohesive guidline to build your business. Gruelling, time consuming and frustrating. There always seemed to be something missing though… A piece of the puzzle that held you back from really generating income.

So, this is what I can recommend as THE absolute BEST guide you could ever ask for to guide you step by step through the process of building a successful online business. It’s from a company called LEGENDARY MARKETER. It’s founder, Dave Sharpe, is an absolute treasure in the online educational world. He’s the “been there, done that” guy who KNOWS what you need to build an online business.

What I wish I knew - by Dave Sharpe

Legendary Marketer has a 15 day Business Building Challenge that will help you build an online business from the ground up. There is coaching tailored to you.. where you’re at in your journey to starting an online business. You’ll know at the end of the 15 days if an Online Business is right for you.

Occassionally the company holds Traffic Bootcamps to help you fast forward your business building skills and give you the confidence you need to exponentially grow an online business!!

So, FREE TRAFFIC. Everyone needs and wants free traffic. Legendary Marketer has courses to teach you how to master those skills as well.

OK… there’s a lot here to chew on. Go check things out. Bookmark pages you’ve visited (create a folder in your bookmarks to save all these links to). Like I said earlier, there is LOADS of information to look at, but when you find something that is a complete guide from A to Z, that is what will take you to successfully making income on line if you follow it and don’t quit.

Toodles for now! ~Callie

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