Is It Time To Quit Your Job and Build Your Business Full-Time?

You’ve Started Your Online Business, You’ve got Your Systems in Place, You’ve received a few leads and you’re consistently creating content and promoting your affiliate opportunity. So When Can You Quit Your Job and work at your Business Full Time?

Common Sense would tell you NOT to Quit Your Job until the Income from your business is AT LEAST as much as your income from your job.

Even if you’re exceeding your employment income, if your online business is set up systematically, you can probably manage both until you have a nice nest egg tucked away.

However, having said that, IF you can support yourself (without ending up on the streets as a homeless person) you certainly can tackle this online business building full time. You just have to use good judgement as to how long it will realistically take you to build the business to where it’s bringing in a full time income.

Now, speaking of which, let’s address what is a realistic timeline for actually earning an income online.

I’m going to get out a big needle and pop the unrealistic bubbles right now. If you have No experience with building and marketing an online business, be aware that it takes time to build your business systems and put them in place.

You will probably not make a sale in the first week, the first month and maybe it will actually take you up to a year to make that first substantial sale.


Because it takes time and effort. Work. You have to take the “learning curve” into account. If you don’t know how to build a website it will probably take you a couple of weeks to figure it out and get enough content on it that anyone will pay attention to.

If you don’t know how to build a sales funnel, it will probably take you a couple of weeks to figure it out and get all the links connected up in the right places.

If you don’t know how to write content it will probably take you a couple of weeks to write enough articles and email letters that are persuasive enough to get leads and sales.

Do you see what I mean? It takes time to learn and then get all the moving parts working together in well oiled system.


And there are always little glitches that hold you up. Take for instance this Video I was trying to upload… It took 3 hours to upload because my wireless connection was wonky!

Be realistic about the time you have to devote to it as well.

There are going to be days you’ll have a hard time sitting yourself down to work at your business. You don’t have to punch a clock so the temptation to do something else is often STRONG! LOL

There are days you’ll be sick and can’t work at it. Here in Canada we have power outages in the winter and during strong storms… Life just gets in the way, so you have to be REALISTIC.

If you NEED to earn money within a short time frame, you should probably keep your job or get a job because it take time to BUILD your business to the point where it’s generating consistent income.

So, my advice, keep your job until you’re earning a living with your new business. If you are consistent and dedicated to improving every day, it will come.

Toodles for now! ~Callie

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